about us

On September 28, 1976, we signed the lease on our first ice cream parlor.  Later that day, we saw a double rainbow light up the sky over the city of San Francisco, and so our name was born.  

Since that fateful day, Double Rainbow has been producing award winning, super premium, ice creams and frozen desserts, and we have been producing our products with one thing in mind, to make the best, all the time.   

We produce over 60 flavors of Ice Creams, Sorbets, Soy Creams.  

Since the beginning, we have been innovators in our industry.  We were the first to make “White Pistachio” Ice Cream.  Our Chocolate Ice Cream is a perfect blend of Dutch Cocoas that gives it a rich and smooth taste and finish.  Our French Vanilla Ice Cream is the perfect combination of Cream, Milk, Eggs and Vanilla.  It is so good that it was awarded the Best Ice Cream in America in the Grand National Lick Off.  

All of our ice creams are made with milk and cream that come from cows that are not treated with hormones, and our sorbets are made with fruit purees and non-genetically modified corn syrup. Our non-dairy soy creams are Kosher, Parve and Vegan.

The most convincing statement that we can make about our products is to make no statement at all. We will let the spoon do the talking.  One taste and you will know why we were awarded “Best in America”.   Please give us a try.  You will not be disappointed.