Ice Cream Dreams

It was 1976 and two childhood friends were dreaming of ice cream. Deliciously simple and perfectly creamy, the ice cream would be better than anything on the market. It would be the best. Period.

On September 28, they took the leap and signed a lease on what would be their first ice cream parlor, not far from their homes in San Francisco, California. Later that day, a double rainbow lit up the San Francisco skyline and Double Rainbow Ice Cream was born. Forty years and hundreds of flavors later, we make award-winning super-premium ice creams, custards, sorbets and soy creams with one thing in mind: to make the best, all the time. 

The Best. Period. 

Only high-quality ingredients go into our products. We’ve won dozens of “Best Of” awards over the years, including “Best in America” in the Grand National Lick Off and Grand Champion at the 2016 World Dairy Expo. We make creamy, rich, thick, absolutely delicious ice cream, custards, sorbets and soy creams.

Taste them and see!